Attach to actor Scale issue

Hello, i got problems with attaching one actor (1,1,1 scale) with parent Actor (8,8,8) on the overlap actor. I tried all Scale Rules: relative, world or snap to target and it’s not helped… On attach i got a hudge mesh that is not like expected. Also, relative attach will be helpful but it does not work i don’t know why, Unreal engine 4.23… If someone knows about that please write how to fix that.

We need more information on how you do your attachement etc…
But normaly if you attach first and then you reset it’s world scale to 1,1,1, it should work if i’m right.

I tried attachment from components and actors it’s the same… For now, i did that arrow full actor begin overlap and attach overlapped actor what not ignored(tag works fine).

Did you try to SetWorldScal(1,1,1) (get rootcomponent->SetWorldScale) right after attachement in this blueprint, if that don’t work try to add a delay for a try in between attach and SetWorldScale

Yea with the scale is nice idea but it’s not helped i don’t know why… It’s should works when after attach i change the scale of a child actor.