Attach to actor problem


I would like to ask a question about attaching an actor to an actor.

I would like a weapon, a sword in this instance snaped to a socket on my main character, the problem is, it doesnt snap to the socket, rather in the middle of the main character’s body. (The sword is lying on the ground for pickup.)

Let me show the two blueprints in action, first the sword’s blueprint:

Then here comes the blueprint for the TP character:

Also, here is how it appears during runtime:

I really appriciate your help!


is the Socket Name correct? Did you try other “Attach Location Types” and ist the origin of your sword at the right place?


Hey! Thanks for the reply!

I’m positive the socket name is right. Also i tried other socket names and also other attach location types.

I think the origin is at the right place, if you mean thats Where the xyz gizmo and the rotation rulers appear in the editor.

I couldnt find any fixes to this.

Have you tried the new (non deprecated) version of the attach function? Other than that i don’t know what could be wrong.


Edit: After looking at your screenshot again. You have to attach your sword to the mesh containing the socket, not the actor itself. So you have to change the input for “In Parant Actor”.
Otherwise it will be attached to your root component (capsule) and that would be the center just like we see it.


Since there is no attach actor to mesh blueprint, i got no clue how thats done. Can you outline the method you are mentioning?

Edit: If i want to add the mesh component to the “In parent actor” input, i get an error message saying its not compatible.

Edit 2#: In case anyone else had the problem in the early stages of learning, i figured it out:


This is the correct blueprint to use.

Thanks for the help Abarudra!!!

I was wondering if you could provide an updated image since the current one wont load