Attach snow to matinee camera

I have attach a snow particle system to my character but now I want to attach snow to matinee camera, how can I do it?

I’m not 100% with Matinee, but can you not just add a particle system to your camera’s group in the Matinee editor?

Yes in the camera’s group you can add two particle tracks, but one of then can record particles and the other is used to modify parameter distributions within particle systems during runtime, but I don’t need that

Okay, turns out you don’t need to add it to the camera group at all. All you need to do is identify which camera actor belongs to your group, and parent the Particle System under it in the scene outliner. Then it’ll move wherever your camera moves.

I have just done it but it doesn’t work corretly, in the camera group I have two cameras but the particle system is only attach to one of this cameras. and i want to attach it to the two cameras

I think the problem it that actually I don’t know how to attach it correctly

So just make 2 particle systems and attach each to one of the cameras, just destroy one after the cameras switch and there you go?

Fire off events in your matinee keyframed in time with the camera changes. In your level blueprint you need a matinee controller node, with the event outputs. Have one event which detaches the particles if currently attached, and then attaches the particle system to camera 1. The other event does the same but with camera 2.

Please note that you will probably not see the results unless you simulate or play in editor.