Attach rotating tower to the car

Hello people!

I have a working rotating tower with a top-down camera setup. It’s a character blueprint. Tower rotates to where the cursor at, camera also has a zoom etc. Rotation and zoom are provided by player controller bp.
And I also have a working vehicle with a socket in the right place for the tower. It’s a wheeled vehicle blueprint. I need to be able to rotate tower via mouse when it’s on the vehicle.

When tower and vehicle were the single mesh in wheeled vehicle bp, they were both rotating to the cursor. But I separated them because i needed the zoom working in player controller bp because of the ‘‘get player character’’ part.
Here are the gallery of screenshots. First image is a player controller blueprint. Second is the tower as character blueprint and third is the vehicle blueprint: (CH1 is the tower BP)

I tried to attach a tower to a vehicle in the main window of the ue4 by simply putting tower and vehicle blueprints into the scene and directly attaching tower to a vehicle on the correct socket, but it doesn’t work properly - tower is not staying still on the vehicle and I simply can’t control them because the game spawns separate character (tower) under my current view position.

Or I can just realize a vehicle and tower as character class too for less headache, following the tank tutorial.