Attach pyhsics mesh to a spline Actor (HÄLP)!

Hi Guys, i try to do this: If a NPC dies i can go to him and press a Key and spawn a rocket which takes the mesh and shoots it in the air. I Spawn a Childactor on which goes up on a SPline Mesh. This works… but i want to attach the mesh from the NPC to the Rocketbody. I Simulated physics even on the Characte rMesh before but it wont attach. This is what i have:

Hey there @Ironfridge! Unlike static meshes, physically simulated SKMs use the physical asset system and are a little harder to directly attach to something. You’ll need to use a physical constraint for tying your SKM to another object.

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Here’s a resource to explain how to attach a physically simulated SKM to another piece:

Thanks yes i did that with other things, so is this the only way to connect a physical mesh? I tried to attach the mesh to a static mesh which is holded by this particular contstrain
but yes not working

and as soon i apply physics on the skeletal mesh it dissapears-I see the sekeltal mesh gets teleported to 0 0 0 in the Map

The entire SKM moves to the origin whenever simulated? Does that also occur without the attachment?