Attach player to rocket

Is it possible to use a rocket as a vehicle and some how attach the player to it?

I am still very noob, but, I’ve looked around and cannot figure out how to make it so that the player moves with the rocket.

Would this be similar to the vehicle tutorial?

I need to continue with education on using blueprints, but, I am gathering that setting up the nodes is where I will achieve this sort of connected state?
Not sure if you have ever head of StrangeLove in Unreal Tournament but this is what I would like to achieve. In these instances, It seems that the modders did what you suggested in the last sentence. Especially in UT99 there is a lot of jitter while in motion. Looks like **** but it was really fun.

Making both actors move in tandem sounds plausible. Will just need to figure out how to make them have the same flight path.