Attach Pickup to socket (but pivot also socket)

Hey guys, I have an APickupActor blueprint, which has a simple mesh (e.g. an axe or knife).

In the Character Blueprint I attach the pickup to the characters hand (socket is hand_r_socket) like that:


This works nicely, but as you know, every pickup is different and needs other values for rotation and position of the pivot point.

So my idea was to add a socket (e.g. Grip Point) to each Pickup mesh. Here my questions:

  1. How can I attach to the socket Grip Point instead of the mesh
  2. How can I preview this attached pickup in the editor, so that I can store the position and rotation of the Grip Point socket of the pickup?

Best regards

Hi and thx for an answer. yes, but I cant preview this then in persona in the skeletal mesh of the character as preview asset.

Hi! You can add some offset to Pickup Mesh component (Relative to Pickup Root component) when attach Pickup and just remove this offset when detach it.