Attach listen server actor to client actor

There is a multicast event wich is executed on server, that attaches your actor to your targets actor. And I am wondering if there is some sort of limitation here? Or if there might be some check ive missed.
It works if the client attaches to server, but when the server attaches to client the client gets all sorts of messed up.

Their camera points towards nowhere and they loose control of their character

After some further testing on more players, it seems like a client cannot attach to a client either. Hmmm

When I was trying to attach things across network I ran into a lot of problems. The problem is collision, because when you try to attach two different actors they’re still colliding. Turn off the collision using a rep notify function for the duration of the attachment. Could be a bool rep notify that removes collision when its true and switches it back on after. I hope that helps, it’s a complicated issue which is hard to debug.

1.If you attach it only on client then its not known to server and server will correct its position each update and then client will move it back to attached positions, this will repeat and cause jibberish view.

2.If the Actor acting as parent to be attached exists only on clients then for server its a null actor and its equivalent to attaching a server actor to nothing

Fixed it, started wondering why I put the multicast in playercontroller. Having the keypress call events in actor worked right away!

Seems like attempting to attach things in multiplayer in playercontroller is a bad idea :smiley: