Attach item to collision box?

Greetings party people, so i wonder if its possible to attach an pickup item to a collisionbox instead of a socket, since sockets which i create are waaaaaay to big on the skeleton. Duno how to setup stuff up in blender to make it work in UE4.

It dont even have to be a collision box, idc what it can be, but is it possible ?

How are they way too big?

Are you not able to scale the socket, which should scale the attached mesh appropriately?

Ye they are so big, they actually surround the whole mesh. If i play with the scale settings nothing changes, the only thing i can do with em is rotating it :confused:

Found an answer for you. Its a blender specific bug.

Yoo man thats working ! thank you so much for showing me this. I swear i looked into every thread that has to do with those socket problems, but i guess this one i just missed :smiley: