Attach Fire Particle to Enemy Character's Hands?

Hello all,

I’ve got this enemy character that I would like to attach a fire particle system to each hand. I spawn the actor blueprint that is the fire particle and then I attempt to attach it to the hand socket. See the blueprint picture below. This is only for the right hand. Once I can get one working I should be able to do the same for the other hand.


Well the only problem is that I don’t see the particle show up in the enemy character’s hands but it is getting spawned according to the actor list and it does appear as a child underneath the main enemy character actor in the list of actors that are in the level.

So why don’t I see the particle? Please helppppp. Thank you.

Here’s where I made a new third person project and attached a particle to the guys hand whenever he jumps. If you’re attaching it relative to his hand, you should probably leave the location & rotation empty.


Ok thank you Furroy, I have used the Spawn Emitter Attached. It works nicely once I adjust the socket rotation. I do have 1 more problem though :(. I’m trying to spawn the same particle in both hands. The left hand works fine, but the right hand does not! It’s there but its very very thin. Please see my attached blueprint picture.

Why are the two particles not the same size? Why is one so thin?