Attach - Detach (Replication)

I have build in a “Welder Tool” that can attach the clicked actors / components together but the thing is, i have a tool that can (Auto-Find the parent in attach group and make him Not simulate physics or Simulate Physics runtime) but the issue is in Multiplayer of coruse…

  • SERVER !

When i attach couple of components together and make parent not simulate physics entire tree is not simulating physics, exactly the way i want it, then whenever i want them to simulate i tell the parent component and he does the job perfectly fine.


Attaching components together works perfect, when i make parent not simulate physics it does works perfect as well, but the issue is when i try to make him Simulate Physics entire tree is simulating physics and all component beign automatically detached from one-another but this is only happening on client, server still see them working well and attched and simulating physics, but on client they are all simulating physics and all components are everywhere on the map, no longer are attached to one another…

Does someone knows a solution how to properly set simulate / no simulate physics on client in atteched components ?

Have you tried turning on “Weld Simulated Bodies” on the client upon attachment?

Yes i have tried it, actually it is selected all the time. :frowning:

Are you replicating the component? It could be only setting the parameters on the server, you could also try a net multicast to set it’s simulation parameters once upon attachment.

No i did not replicate the component, if i understand you right you are talking about (Make This component replicates) is a Bool selection on component right ?

About the multicast, yes i tried a lot of things to get it working, but when client tries to make components simulate physics everything goes crazy…