Attach Controller to Actor

Hi I was trying to achieve something like an orbit system for planets and I got down to rotating the planet and moons by having the two as 2 actors, the planet rotates and the moon is Attached to the Planet parent so that it follows the rotation.

Now I have a Spaceship Pawn that uses Control Rotation from the Player Controller to be able to make the spaceship face the camera direction by moving the camera.
The problem I face is that I want the Pawn to rotate with the planet surface :
I can’t seem to ‘Attach’ the player controller’s Control rotation as when I attach the player to the planet, the spaceship mesh rotates with the planet but the camera (Control Rotation) stays still.
The Pawn hierarchy goes :
StaticMesh (Root)

  • SpringArm
    – Camera
    And so the SpringArm uses Pawn Control Rotation so I guess my question is ;

Is there a way to attach the planet to my player so that Control Rotation is affected by the rotation of the planet ?

I have tried attaching Player Controller without success.

Thanks you for helping !