attach component mesh to skeletal mesh in other blueprint.

How can attach component to component, is It possible?

I have a magazine as mesh component of weapon.

How can attach the component to the arms Skeleta mesh? are they any node?

So you’re looking to take the magazine component from the gun and attach it to the hand to make it look like the player removed a magazine, right? Hmm.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think you’ll find a “Attach Component to Component” function… you’d have to attach the whole gun to the hand.

In order to achieve the desired functionality, you may need to create a new actor that has ONLY the magazine (might be able to do this dynamically in the blueprint, actually), then attach that to the hand.

I may be wrong about this but the default gun has a clip already inserted with a bone attached to it. I think when the character reloads he just takes the clip out and replaces it with the same clip. In other words, he reaches up - grabs the clip and moves it out of view then inserts the same clip into the gun. The only thing that changes is the ammo count. So you should be able to figure it out by looking at that character and gun. I’m speaking of the Shooter Project by the way.

ops, sorry dont answer Chumble, yes thanks I do this way and all work, I did wanna check that attach component to component dont existe to save the need of create a blueprint only for the magazine. It is a bit cumbersome.
@ kennyrosenyc thanks, yes use the same magazine, BTW the last time I check the Shooter Project the magazine dont moved.

Not the FPS Template. The Shooter project (the one with an actual character as opposed to the blue guy). That’s the gun I’m talking about.

The shooter game, yes, the weapons don’t have magazines.

As I recall they actually do. It’s inserted into the gun when you export it and it has it’s own bone labeled Mag or Ammo or something like that.