Attach camera to Character

Can i attach a camera to the FirstPersonCharacter, and the camera will behave like the FirstPersonCamera component inside the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint?

In other words, i do not want to attach the camera as a component to the FirstPersonCharacter, I want the camera to be a normal camera in the world outliner. But i want it to move just like the component FirstPersonCamera, in that during gameplay, when character looks left, the camera will also look left. When character jumps, camera will also jump etc…

Is this possible?

I don’t believe so…I may be wrong. But putting the camera as a component in the FirstPerson BP it’s also reading the input for controls. If you place the camera in the world only, it won’t do anything unless you set it to auto possess and select which character like “player 0” or “player 1” but then you aren’t controlling the FirstPersonCharacter. Unless someone else here knows a way if it is possible.