Attach Blueprint Weapon to Socket not working, help needed

Hello, i’m trying to attach my blueprint weapon to my player socket, i have tried many tutos and find a lot of thread here at the forum without any good result, the main problem is the weapon is not attached to the socket, seems that the weapon is attached to the parent of the mesh, don’t know why this is not working, here is my blueprint


and this is the result


any idea on why the weapon is attached to the mid body of my mesh and not in the weapon socket ?

thanks in advanced for all the help!

I don’t think you need the sockets at all. At least my guns don’t. So long as you have the root bone in the right place (0,0,0) it works fine. But my guns are all based on the one’s in the Shooter Game template.

i fixed the problem, i was getting the player character, to fix the problem i change it, now i’m getting the player pawn.

for the class under spawnActor Thompson_Weapon_bp_C … Whats inside that blueprint? … i believe im stuck on that step in my own problem , since i dont know what the spawn of the weapon is supposed to be blueprinted too … could you upload a screen shot of the classes blueprint?


inside of “Thompson_Weapon_bp_C” is the skeletal mesh of the weapon, also the variable that count the ammo and the ammo in the current magazine, is a simple blueprint.