Attach Ball to ThirdPersonCharacter on Overlap

Hello, I honestly believe im over thinking this, I’ve watched a lot of tutorials the past 2 days and did a bit of reading of BP documents. But with so much information its hard tell what actually works and what doesn’t.
What I am trying to do is have my character run over a ball, and when it does, the ball becomes attached to a socket, in this case my character’s hand. I was hoping someone could show me a BP because it appears theres several ways to do this, but im just looking for simple haha. Thank you in advance.
I currently have default ThirdPersonCharacter BP and a Ball BP with a static mesh.

that’s pretty simple.
On the OnOverlapEvent in the Character check if the overlapped Actor is the Ball with a CastToActor (BP_Ball) for example, and then get the static mesh of the ball and call AttachTo and set your socket and your settings, (Snap to actor etc.), you may have to disable physics on the ball.

Thank you, after a little bit more research I found what I was looking for, now I just gotta make him throw it some how hahaa

For throwing I suggest using a projectile class. It should allow you to tweak numbers to make the math match up to an actual ball - afterall that’s exactly what the 1st person template does.

Im actually using ThirdPerson template, but I have the camera set up to a true FPS camera.