Attach any object to an character cause erratic translations in sequencer

Hi to all the community …

If one of you can reproduce this “problem”, it would comfort me that I am not alone

  1. in a blank project place one of your characters (animated or not) and any object/meshe (in movable mode)
  2. put all that in sequencer
  3. Inside sequencer, attach this object to your character (the right or left hand or any part)
  4. and see if the attachad object does not disappear or goes to an impossible distance …

Thank you for telling me that this is still a bug … (a similar bug was reported Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-30373) and marked as “fixed”, but between two objects, there is talk of a character with multiple binding points )



Hi Fred, this was fixed in 4.21 at changelist 4220571. I just tested your steps in the 4.22 preview and it works ok. Here’s my test case:

Before attaching (see pic), I have a cube and a skeletal mesh, both in sequencer. Take note of the existing transform track on the cube.

After attaching (see pic) to the pelvis of the skeletal mesh, the cube stays in place. Take note of the transform track values of the cube. They have changed to compensate the addition of the parent transform.

The change in the transform track of the cube is necessary. If there’s no existing transform track, sequencer will create one and add the compensation to that transform section. If there’s an existing transform section without keys, the compensation will go to that transform section. Otherwise, an additive transform section will be added and the compensation will go to that additive transform section.

If you have a test case that doesn’t work, please let us know. It’ll probably help to have a test case/project. Unreal Engine Community

Hello I’m working actually on a long sequence and I have still a problem .
It works fine as you say Max.Chen if you play Camera Cuts with the sequencer.
But when you play by “Play level in a new window” the attached objects desapears.
And when you do a final “render this movie to a video” that’s the same, you don’t see the attached objects and when you come back in the sequence list, the objects are detached from sockets.
And I have this message error in logs:

AttachTo: ‘My skelleton Mesh Character /path’ is not static , cannot attach ‘The object /Path’ which is static to it. Aborting.
The object is not static before I have this error.
Cause if I make the object “static” it refuses to attach it.

For myself if I don’t find the solution i will have to stop my project.
Thx for help

Hello again for those who could have the same problem I resolved this issue by creating Bueprints for characters and directly attaching objects on then .
The sequencer manage the animations for BP characters.