Attach an object ( what am I doing wrong ? )

Hi guys ! I want to attach a sword on the back of my character, so i create a socket under the spine 2 and i create this blueprint and an actor with the sword mesh inside, but it not work in game… The sword have a wrong position, what am i doing wrong ?

On AttachToComponent:

Location Rule and Rotation Rule set Snap to Target. Scale Rule you can also Snap to Target, but this is mostly not necessary.

Ok now the sword is in the right position, but the camera is in a different position and the movement of the player are strange…

This is possible, but this is another question.

I don’t know why you use root component for attach??? It will create conflict with camera.

Maybe weapon need to disable collision on attached, this depending on your solution. Disabling it after or before attaching will solve movement problem.

Now it work thank you :smiley:

Nice. It’s like should be. You not need to set sword variable to attach, but this (variable) will be handy for future use and here is all correct.