attach an item "gun" to character

Hey guys so I am new to the Unreal engine and I am playing around with something for a project some of my friends and I are working on. What we need at the moment is for our character to have a weapon in his hand as a test. I am using the FPS blueprint that is available when you start a project. I followed some tutorials on youtube but I am not getting good results. I have attached how I have everything set up with the world blueprint as well as the socket and my result which is the gun snapping to the middle of my model instead of the “gun” socket. Any help would be awesome!

That’s how you create a working weapon system: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?55508-How-to-integrate-Military-Weapons-pack-into-FPS&highlight=weapon :slight_smile:

Make sure that the weapon is pointing into the right direction in persona. So play the animation and then move/rotate the weapon socket so that it is at the right position.
Have you added the character into the character bp, because otherwise it wont have anything to attach