Attach AI to Player


I’m using the VR Motion Controller template (HTC Vive).
I have an AI spider that runs toward the player and when he comes into contact with the player (or a trigger volume around the play area), I want the spider to attach to the player at crotch-level.
This way, if the player (headset / HMD) moves / walks back, the spider would move along the XYZ axis accordingly, as if attached at a fixed point in space in relation to the HMD itself.

So no matter where the player goes, the spider will appear to be stuck around the crotch area.
I am not using a 3D model for the body, so the spider will appear to be floating though I only need it to float in space at a certain place.

Note that I’ve set it so that if the AI (spider) ‘is falling’ (in mid air), it will blend into its Attack animation.
So when it attaches to the HMD / Player, I need it to stay in the ‘is falling’ state so that it can attack.

Of course, when its health depletes, I need it to detach and at that point I’ll have the death animation play whilst gravity forces it to fall to the ground. This bit I already have done.

Any help would be much appreciated.
I am only using blueprints!


Hello Sinnmeister,
can you show me a Screenshot from your Spider please?
Kind regards,