Attach actors in editor and keep local transform

I have a game built with little levels made of blocks. Occasionally a bug will make these blocks detach themselves from the parent actor in the editor (Not while running the game). Usually if I update the parent blueprint.

Some of the blocks stay as they would in the level relative to the parent actor and others relative to 0,0,0. Im not sure why some keep there relative location and others dont.
I’m hoping theres a way to re-attach the actors around 0,0,0 to the parent actor again and have them keep their relative location so they go back into place in the level.

If you can get some details on what you think make your block detach themselves that would be useful.
There are blueprint/python functions to attach actor to parent actor, and those allow you to keep world or relative positioning. You could look into that and optionally modify transform after you attached too.