attach actor together

Hi all,

Say i spawn dynamically 3 Actors A, B and C. I’d like to attach B and C to A and the union of A, B, C is considered as a temporary single Actor with its own pivot point and properties (scale, location, rotation, and so forth…). Is it possible to do so ?

Cubes are supposed to attach (animation) to make a Tetris shape, then i wanna be able to rotate and move the whole, and at the end when a row is filled with cubes, i’d like to detach them to erase this row.

One of these actors is going to be the parent, that actor retains its pivot point etc. The attached actors will be children. The set of actors (parent + children) is seen as a single actor.

So, attaching B and C to A will make A the parent actor and B+C its children.