Attach Actor to Component Problem


I have got a Problem, I want to Attach any Actor into a Socket from the Player. I can easily Attach a Static Mesh to the Hand of the Player and It works but as soon as I try to Attach an Actor to the Hand it doesn’t work. I can see that the Actor goes Wild in the Coordinate System going extremly fast and then destroying itself because it went to far away.

Basicly ItemBP is the Actor I want to attach which I get there via “Reference to Self” from the Actor.


Here you can see how It works with a Static Mesh which is basicly the Same.

What am I doing wrong? Or am I going at this the wrong way and If yes that what other ways is there to do it?


Could be a problem with the actors physics or collision settings, before the attach to node, disable both physics and collision to see if that helps.

THANK YOU! Collision settings were okay, but I had forgotten to disable Simulate Physics after picking the item up :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome, spread the help :slight_smile: