Attach actor to component from external blueprint, fails

I know, lots of threads like this one. I read them all. Alas, here is the question.

I tried attaching a newly spawned actor to my main actor with AttachToActor. It only attached to the pelvis, not the socket, because “self” refered to the full player character, and not it’s mesh. Thus, I used AttachToComponent, and it worked, attached on the socket.

Now that I try the same thing from an external blue print, attachment doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Image 1 and 2: setup with AttachToActor fails. Interesting place for a shovel :), but AttachToComponent worked.

Image 3: Similar script from an external blueprint, swaping weapons from the ground, spawns in front of the character, but does not attach to character/socket, and it refuses to use node “set simulate physics”.

My need: make the attachment work like when I did it from the character blueprint. So… help? Ideas?

I made my own solution: from my external blueprint, I call an event inside my PlayerCharacter, that will do the spawning of actor and attaching to component. It works, but it means I can’t control everything from my external blueprint. I like dominating the game from my world_global_bp, which is a collection of all things, variables, functions, loadgame, savegame, details about the game…