Attach Actor To Component (Deprecated)

Hi guys!

I can’t seem to find a function that attaches an Actor to a component.
The one I find is deprecated:

The new nodes to use are called “Attach to Component”, they come in 2 flavors, one uses an actor as it’s target the other uses a scene component as it’s target.

I see. “Target” and “Parent” are kind of confusing terms :smiley:

Thank you.

Target is what you want to attach (weapon, clothing…), parent is usually mesh…

What’s the difference between these two nodes?

The one with “Target is Actor” attaches a whole Actor (= attaches the root component of an actor)
The one with “Target is SceneComponent” attaches a single Component (and it’s children)

Hello guys, with new nodes, how can I restore the function from old attach actor to component node where I had a functionality called “attach location type”? I wanted snap weapon to target actor by this function, but new node dont have it

When i start game i see the shadow of my weapon near my character, its twin stick shooter so i suppose its floating above me.

I have the same problem with Elcardia

Its simple, if you are following the Twin-Stick Shooter tutorial then all you have to use here is “Attach to component” (attach to actor and not scene component). Set the location and rotation to snap to target and scale to keep world.