Attach Actor To Component || Attach Actor To Actor

Hello everybody. I can’t get Attach Actor To Component || Attach Actor To Actor to work as I expect. What I want is to snap a blueprint object into a socket on an actor. I have seen a lot of these where a mesh is taken from the object and then added to the actor but this seems like a workaround rather than doing it properly. Maybe I am just being a ■■■■. Can I use grab and lock rotation or something?

When I use either of these functions, the child (a blueprint) moves in the heirarchy to become a child but nothing else happens that I can see. I have set all rotation and scale and position to “snap” or whatever the option is.

Do I need to disable physics for the object or something? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

1 Is the other actor a skeletal mesh actor, ( An actor that has skeletal mesh ) ?
2 What parameters do you introduce for the function ?

Ideally you will want to stop physics on the actor you wish to snap.

Thanks for the response.

  1. The actor is a skeletal mesh actor (a blueprint class with a skeletal mesh it. There is a physics object attaced to the mesh)
  2. See the image below for the parameters. I am fairly sure these are correct because the object changes in the hiearchy

You could try changing the location rule rotation rule and all of the extra parameters.
Maybe the movement of the actor has priority over the attach to thing, maybe changing it’s physics can work.

I really appreciate you trying to help but I’ve given up.