Attach Actor To Component and DetachFrom Actor

I’ve already spent too much time on this problem.I have created Actor_1 wit many StaticMeshComponents. Then using blueprint I “Connected” Actor_2 to Actor_1 using “Attach Actor To Component” node.
Location Rule - Snap to Target
Rotation Rule - Keep World
Scale Rule - Keep World

Everything works great. Actor_2 location changed to one of the StaticMeshComponent. But…
When I move Actor_1 using physic, and then when I call “Detach from Actor” Actor_2 location is moved to different position. I tried two options for Location Rule but still, doesn’t works. I don’t want to move Actor_2 when it is detached. What is the problem?

What I recognized: Actor_2 change position, when Possess is called. Maybe this is a problem?