Attach actor to actor while both simulating collision


I have been planning and thinking best way to push actors the way that they are checking collisions. First, I tried simply by attaching actor to actor and the pushing works good enough in this scenario, but the problem is that there isn’t any collision of the actor that is been pushed. I tried to attach the actor to physics handle that follows the player character, but that brought lot of other problems and forcing the collision with wall messed up the whole actor.

Any good ideas what to try? Basically what I want to happens is same as attaching actor to actor, but both of the actors would detect collisions and the other actor cannot be force pushed inside wall. I was thinking about settings the pushed actors position with every tick in front of player and then just rotate its direction to same as the player looks, you think that would work? I cannot test is quite yet, but I am more than happy to get every idea you have.

Thank you!