Attach a sword to the character

Hi all,

I am making a game and i want to attach a sword to my character, but it don’t works, i watched a lot of videos but i don’t know why the sword don’t attach on my character. I create the socket, i place the sword on the map and i do this in my level blueprint :

Yes, its the name of the socket.

Hi Ninjoe,

Is the socket on your character named “Sword”? If not, that is possibly the error you are seeing, you need to put the actual name of the socket in the “In Socket Name” input pin.

try adding a delay just after the event begin play, it could be trying to attach before the player is spawned.

No, don’t works too.

Nobody have a solution ?

Please, i really need help.

try the solutions here: Need help : picking up and attaching object to socket - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

If this doesn’t work, try following this page on setting up and using sockets:

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The solutions don’t works.