Attach a Spawned BP Instance to Character BP Instance In Game!

I spawn an BPitem with a Staticmesh component(and another time with SkeletalMeshComponent Including a Socket!) with collision at runtime using a UMG widget OnClick_Event/SpawnActorFromClassNode.

I promote the spawned object var straight from the SpawnAFCNode then try to get reference to it, to attach to a BP Character reference instance component(A placeholder meshComponent it should replace attached to the Character BP).

Ive tried using AttachTo Component
Ive tried AtachActorToActor.
Ive tried casting the spawned instance and verified validity with bools and print strings!
Ive tried a Million things!
Ive made sure the promoted var was accessible.
Checked that Socketnames were correct when i tested a SKMesh.
Checked for all kinds of small troubleshooting mishaps - like to check the mesh was in the world but out of view, position offsets etc.

The actor Spawns Just Fine!
I cannot get instance reference to it in the game world after it spawns to attach it using the above methods?
Im at a loss for words, ive been at the for 6 hours+ a day for 3 days.

Someone PLEASE enlighten me. I just need to attach it then animate it and destroy it later.
How can i do this correctly?

Bump, i cant find any tutorials on this topic.

It seems that the spawned instance works fine on its own with its own physics and collision, i just need to attach it or possibly even Swap the mesh of a character’s child mesh component.

I also want to mention that i know this seems like its a duplicate question but its not.(epic staff)

i have the Same issue i cant work it out…
oops didnt mean to put that down as an answer sorry.