Attach a skeletal mesh to another

I was wondering how do you attach a skeletal mesh to the Mesh1P only and not the Mesh3P? Also how do you make it such that the separate skeletal mesh only follows the rotation.yaw of the player?

ShooterCharacter has Mesh1P and default Mesh is the 3P. You can just attach to Mesh1P. Is it what you’re asking?

Also how do you make it such that the separate skeletal mesh only follows the rotation.yaw of the player?

You only want 1P to follow, but not 3P? I’d think you still want 3P to follow rotation, otherwise it would be weird.

I have seen people create 1P mesh with legs/arms for that. If you do with 3P, I think camera will clip through, then you can remove head part since unlikely you’ll like to see head in 1P view. You can scale head down to 0 in AnimBlueprint.

Let me know if you need more info.


ok i know how to do the firstv part which is attaching to 1p mesh. But how do u modify the rotation such that the yaw follows but not pitch

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. Are you talking about character rotation or aim pitch/yaw? Usually input comes in, and it binds to modifying aim or character rotation, and we rotate character or changes aim values. You can block multiple ways. I’d think you can unbind input or you can remove pitch from the result.


Im making the legs for my fps and so thats why i need to adjust the rotation pitch so it doesnt aim up with the pawn and only turns so u can see it. That should give a better idea. Thanks ill try the player input.

Hello Eshwar,

Can you please clarify what you are trying to accomplish?

  • Are you just trying to make a 1st-Person view? Or are you trying to include both 1st and 3rd person and switch between them?
  • For your “separate skeletal mesh”, is that the 1st or 3rd person?
  • Are you starting your project from one of the provided sample Templates? If so, which.


Ok well I was trying to make a first person view where you can see your legs like most games nowadays. At first I had the idea of attaching the camera to the head of the 3rd person skeletal mesh, but there will be minor bugs such seeing through the body and a constant wobble while running and other animations. Therefore I had the idea of attaching a seperate skeletal mesh of the legs with the running and jumping animation attached to the 1p view so that it wont be seen to other players or even reflections. And yes it is based on the shooter game sample so there are other players. I hope it is clear. Im sorry if it is confusing. :s

Any help please??

I have asked one of our animation specialists to take a look at your request. Thanks for your patience.