Attach a Cameras to Objects or bones in Matinee Sequences

Hello, Im trying to work on a first person cutscene, The characters all all animated, and the head is already animated to look where the player needs to look. So i brought the characters in to matinee, and have them animated correctly. However I would like the camera to be attached to the head of the player.

Note I have approached this problem 2 different ways

1st way

i tried bringing in the skeletal mesh into the matinee sequence which worked. But when i created the director camera, there is no option for parenting an object to a bone, of the skeletal mesh.

So instead i approached it a second way

I have successfully created the effect when you play, by creating a **blueprint ** that has

-An Animated Skeletal Mesh
-A Camera attached to the skeletal mesh, using the attach to node in blueprint.

However I don’t know how to bring this blueprint into matinee because i think it only understands skeletal meshes, and not blueprints with skeletal meshes in them.

Im not sure which way, i would do this, but if anyone knows exactly how to attach a camera to an animated skeletal mesh, this would help out very much. Plz and thx!