Atoms4D - Indie Animated CGI Series & Upcoming VR Game

Welcome, from now on I’m going to use this thread to share everything related to Atoms4D.

Initally the plan was to develop a VR game which is coming along nicely, however I realised a better approach is perhaps to start out with an animated CG series to piece together the storyline. This also allows me to build the levels in more detail and casually create the foundations of what I hope will prove a cool upcoming UE indie game. The plot will include elements of occultism, science fiction, horror, war, slavery, drugs, possessions and a deep storyline partially informed by lots of scifi concept art I’ve working on over the last couple years.

My plan is to post a couple short clips/scenes a month and I will compose the clips together for more fleshed out monthly episodes.

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Atoms4D Ilani Teaser Scene #01 - CGI Short Film