Atoms4D Futuristic City Level [Images] [WIP]

I’m currently working on a new beta level for Atoms4D simulator :D. The images below simply show that basic structures that represent buildings. I’m nearly at the stage of replacing those structures with the final architectural meshes. Also my plan for introducing lighting is to create flying robots that will hover around the dense urban city.

Note: Like the direction of this project? I’m interested in getting one or two people onboard to help accelerate development. The hope is to launch a Kickstarter in the hopes of raising funds that could go towards Oculus Rifts, VR Hardware and servers etc.






Thats a lot of… I don’t know?! Perhaps a video to show it off. Looks cool but I can’t quite figure it out nor give input.

It’s a lot of visual to take in I guess lol? This video is only a few days old and I’ve made lots of progress over the last few days…

More images…