Atoms Realtime - Crowd Engine For Unreal Engine

Hello everyone,
here at Toolchefs we are working on something special for the Unreal community: we are integrating our crowd engine (Atoms Crowd) in Unreal.
Atoms Crowd is built on a framework which can be extended in C++.
Users can create live simulations and create new Behaviours in Blueprint and C++.
There would be many more things to say, but it will have to wait until next month.

We are going to start a Beta Period next month and would be happy to receive some feedback from Unreal users.
Please write to us at in case you would like to try it out.

Thanks very much,

The plugin looks quite nice! Does it also support fully procedural crowds in UE4? Also replication would be quite nice.

Hey, sorry for the slow reply.
The development has been progressing quite a lot since the video posted in the original post. Please visit our youtube channel to see more updated videos: