ATOMIK4D Virtual Reality Marketplace

It’s time for a second update on a big project I’m working on. At the moment I’m mostly focusing on building assets for a marketplace which will work in companion with an online virtual world which I’m excited about even if I’m way out of my depth. Although this project might look like a typical game I’m more focused on building a brand around VR tech which could potentially lead to lots of cool ideas that I envision in the future. Anyway here are are some 3D asset concepts to get a feel for the overall minimal art style I hope to achieve.


Latest Video:

Note: As you can see I’m trying to get the lighting similar with this latest demo. Ideally I’m trying to get the foreground to make a smooth transition into the background without to much blur and a uniform light grey colour. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!

I’m also hoping a to get one or two people on board to help work on game mechanics, specifically it would be great to work with someone experienced with blueprints and networking. I’m just an unemployed graphic design student so I can’t offer much in compensation however I would definitely work on this as a joint venture style project if an experiences dev likes this the direction I’m taking this. Finally make sure to visit the Atomik4D website too as you will find lots more visuals, a community forum and even a cool economy system to get started collecting assets for the game!

Official Site:

Looking good so far. I like your minimalist approach and look forward to seeing more.

Here is a new update for this project. I decided against the low poly landscape (atleast for the main landscape environments). I’ll still keep elements of low poly for trees and other objects though.