Atomik4D Beta Demo :)

Today I’ve finally been able to release my first demo for a simulator/game I’m working on and I’m hoping some of you guys will be willing to test the demo to provide feedback on performance. The beta is limited to a small arena area with flying bots however the world is actually a rather large open landscape with moving cities and other cool stuff in the works :D. I’m a designer with no game dev experience so I suspect the experience is perhaps not as optimized so I’m interested to find out how other specs perform regarding the demo level. You can download the beta demos using the links below and you’re also welcome to register to the site too keep up-to-date if you wish. :slight_smile:


Beta Demo Preview page:
x64 Windows Package:**

x32 Windows Package:

p.s… I’m also looking for game developers with networking, VR and/or blueprint experience to work with as a team.