Atom Support


I have been recently looking into Atom, it is a open source text editor with some really nice features and a great community behind it. I would love to use it for programming in unreal however when i go to editor preferences and then text editor it is not listed there. Is this something that we could possibly see in the future. I looked into implementing it myself but it look beyond what i can currently do with C++.


An interesting request and I’m totally down for Atom support in engine :smiley:

Didn’t Epic Games recently roll out a in-editor editor for minor code changes? Shouldn’t be too hard to pull Atom into the mix if it has feature benefits which Epic Games may not of accounted for when planning their roadmap for their own in-editor code editor and/or external editors like Visual Studio, Note++, etc.

Anyway I’ll leave you all with this video which always cracks me up and it is very Fallout esk which is always a major plus in my books :slight_smile:

You can add it manually in the engine source code. Ill leave you this link which has some explaining on how to do it. I looked into doing it and it is beyond anything i have coded before.


Also UBT don’t require VS IDE (only needs VS compiler), if you do right commend lines you can compile any UE4 project anywhere. You can look up in Project Propeties in NMake section which commands to use.

I just recently setup atom as an IDE for UE4, here are the steps for Windows.

  1. Install the build package for atom, along with language-c for linting.
  2. Add the full path of where “Epic Games\4.9\Engine\Binaries\DotNET” is located on your machine to windows system environment variable PATH, so that you can call UnrealBuildTool successfully from the command-line.
  3. Download and put this build config file I made into your UE4 projects root folder and name it “.atom-build.json”
  4. Replace “ProjectName” and “Project Name” with whatever your projects name is, the version without spaces must be the same as your .uproject file’s name.
  5. Use the build package normally (see package page for instructions), and you can build straight from atom with ease.

Edit: People are still finding this post, so I just want to say save yourself the trouble and use Visual Studio Code, it even has native integration with UE4 now.