Atmosphere reappears after exiting game mode

show>uncheck atmosphere>enter game mode, exit game mode, re-enter game mode- atmosphere reappears. Should atmosphere setting not be persistent?

Hi Patrick,

In game mode, the editor resets what it shows so users can see the final version of the game, as it will appear to players. If the atmosphere is not hidden because of programming, settings or blueprints, it will be displayed by default unless unchecked or altered by an event in the game. The information about what is shown in game mode is reset every time it is entered by design.

What you could do to work with a certain game view, is create a new viewport and set it to game mode with “show atmosphere” unchecked. Then toggle views instead of switching to game mode directly. I hope that this has helped. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.

Thank you,


Thanks, that’s a good explanation and work-around.