Atlantic forest environment

Spent half of last week doing this rainforest from southestern Brazil, it started as just trees bordering a map but then I decided to see how a forest interior would look in it, I’m already happy with how this turned out but by next weekend I’m planning to shoot more reference plants and more kinds of leaves and trunks.
Done the models in Speedtree, 3 kinds of leaf textures that I used were from Paramecijs, falling leaves blueprint and grass prop at the forest border were by Philipp Nasahl.
Keep in mind I’m by no means a professional artist, but am a biologist and nature photographer :slight_smile:









Environment in motion:
A few more screens on flickr:

And couple with a less realistic atmosphere :slight_smile:



Very nice work, I love it. =)

Really nice! How many fps are you getting and on which GPU in real time?

WOW! So everything was made custom using Speedtree and your own images of the leaves? How big is the scene?

I cant believe T.T this is so nice and realistic! OMG Epic Games makes great stuff… but yours even hit this spot way above… I had not expect that quality at all! Thx for your great work!

Thanks :smiley:

Jacky my specs are i5 2500, 8gb 1600mhz and a geforce gtx 760, I’m averaging 25fps at 1080p but there is no optimization at all, the majority of the models doesn’t have any LOD, also no culling, I’ll try reimporting with LODs from Speedtree soon

Liondog basically yes, there are a couple of default trees there and most of the new ones were made modifying existing ones, bromeliads I remember doing from scratch multiplying individual leaf meshes, but for this plant for instance I used as a palm tree to start it:

and the real thing (not the same pic I used for the texture):

I’m don’t know how to measure the landscape in units but the forest is just a small stripe

Also I forgot about the little fern clumps on the ground (screen #7 under the big ferns), their texture is by Wolverine on Deviantart, til next week I might be able to change every of them with my own, then on to making more varieties :slight_smile:

Very nice work, my friend!

Great stuff!
I made an island today for some nice renderings (ArchViz), but 10km x 10km is too big to build lights on my hardware.^^

BEAUTIFUL shows what u can do in ue4,if you have passion.I am getting there Techuser.

“Where’s my machete? I’ll cut us a path through this.”
Very nice!

Looking great. Just the kind of forest I want to make for my game.

: ) This look amazing!

Nice! Very realistic :slight_smile: