Athonite - Narrative Exploration Game - Stylised Byzantine Monastery

Athonite is a short first person ‘walking simulator’ with platforming elements, which I am creating as a solo final year project for my course at the University of Hertfordshire. I have been working on it for about four months and it is scheduled to be completed in May 2018.

It is set in a fantasy - alternate history universe. As the last surviving member of a great Order of Athonite warrior-monks, the player is invited to explore an old abandoned Byzantine monastery and uncover the story behind its downfall.

You can read everything about the creative process that I have followed so far in this Pre-Production Portfolio document:…_Portfolio.pdf

Looks like mix of firewatch and dishonored.

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These are definitely inspirations. If I manage to make something that is even 1% as cool as these, I’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

This page from the Pro-Production Portfolio (= a document I made for my university) shows some video games I am being inspired by:

By the way, I finished the beacon fire asset and its interaction system. When you approach the beacon, a torch icon appears as a crosshair. Click it or press an action button to trigger the cinematic which shows the beacon in flames and ends the game.

A rope bridge is in!

Scaffoldings and other wooden structures have been added:

I completely redid the game’s lighting, to make it more atmospheric. This is the new version:

I love the art in this.

Athonite has reached its Alpha stage. This is its trailer:

A playable version can be downloaded from here: Dropbox - Athonite_Alpha.rar - Simplify your life

Athonite is now up on The Rookies:

A lot of foliage has been added:

I’ve been working on a stylised corpse/skeleton of an actual Athonite warrior-monk. Next, I want to give him some weapons, make a few different variations of him, pose them (lying dead on the ground) and place them around the level:

Athonite has reached its Beta version. Here is the new trailer:

An updated executable can be downloaded from here:

And here is a full gameplay walkthrough:

I’ve been adding more structural detail to the monastery, as well as smaller churches:

Kirill Tokarev from asked me some questions about Athonite and the short article I wrote has just been published:

Athonite’s final trailer is here:

Updated screenshots have been added to The Rookies page:…sole/athonite/

Here is a full gameplay walkthrough of the entire level. Big thanks to Matthew Mainprize for recording this and for his awesome sound, music and audio implementation work.

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One of the things I really like about this Map / Level is that it feels very open. That may be more illusionary than real… But too often level designers ‘cage-in’ their worlds, which can feel limiting / choking / claustrophobic to play. The other thing this Level does, is use Dialog-narrative / Sound-FX that makes it feel like its ever-evolving, even if that’s illusionary too and its all just fixed exposition etc. Either way, the work feels more alive than just a level fly-through, or worse, some awkward cut-scene with lots of FX covering up lack of any real substance… Anyway, just my 2c… Good luck dude!

Thank you, I love this feedback! I’m glad that some things about my level worked well. :slight_smile: