Atari Asteroids


Been using Unreal for a couple of months now. Decided to try and copy the Asteroids that I had as a
youngster on the Atari console.

Not much info around for doing something like this, so it has been about a month of watching YT
tutorials, trying to understand the Unreal docs and a huge amount of trial and error, this with
much head banging and face palming. :smiley:

Got the teleport going, still need to do the Alien Ship that shoots at you, the shield around your ship,
complete the asteroids and then the scores and stuff.

Game has all the relevant sounds in, but my recorder is complaining about a missing DLL, so I could
not capture sound.

Some crits and comments appreciated.



wow, not the coin op but 2600 style

Hi All

YT vid of some gameplay.

Some more work done on this learning project that I am trying to get as close as possible to the
Atari 2600 version but being hampered by my capabilities. :o

Asteroids and ship are basically complete, just been watching some videos on YT to see how many get
spawned so I can get the amounts correct, been many years since I played it on Atari so
no help from the memory, but if I remember correctly the number of asteroids don’t increase
at all during the game. I think that maybe I will up the speed of them as each level get completed
and increase the difficulty that way.

There were about sixty different difficulty levels on the Atari console, the easy ones did not have the satellite
and the spaceship that shoot at you, but as mine will only have the one level, I will incorporate these two
ships in the game.

To Do:

  1. Logic for satellite.
  2. Logic for spaceship.
  3. Exit for game.
  4. Screen display for score and lives.
  5. Add extra lives at the correct score.
  6. Anything that I may have missed. :slight_smile:

Below is the download link. Would be great if anyone feels like downloading and giving crit and input!
The file is about 115*** MB*** ZIP file and it is WIN 64 only.

  1. You get 3 lives at the moment.
  2. Cannot be destroyed for 3 seconds once you have died and spawned in again.
  3. W - Forward.
  4. D - Right.
  5. A - Left.
  6. Z - Teleport which I might change to TAB or MMB.
  7. LMB - Fire.
  8. RMB - Shield for 3 seconds. You get 3 shields per life.

NOTE: To exit game at the moment you have to CTRL ALT DEL and close in Task Manager.