At Wits End... Stacking Mods

I have been playing around with this for over a week now. I know c and c#, Ive never had this much issues with scripting EVER…

Im not sure if its what I am doing or if there is actually a problem with the game engine.

What I am doing is simple. Very simple. What is making it nearly impossibly problematic is trying to get my workshop addon to cooperate with another workshop addon Annunaki Genesis. Annunaki Genesis workshop page clearly states.

“We highly recommend to use this mod as priority one, since it uses a custom PGD and TGM, whereby many things won’t work accordingly otherwise. While this mod can be used for PvP purposes, it’s optimization is made for Multiplayer PvE and the Island map of Studio Wildcard. Keep this in mind when you want to use it for a PvP Server, since you can experience unexpected results.”

My goal is to make a Welcome UI thats modified via ini file but before we get all advanced. I figure I would tackle the easiest approach first. Put a box on the screen with a close button.
The close button works, The box works. It all works… UNTIL YOU ADD SOMETHING TO LOAD WITH IT!

Heres what I have…

A simple Widget Blueprint for the UI, its just a texture with a close button on it.

The close button has a simple script so that when the button is clicked, the UI element is closed.

The primal game data.

The game mode. no direct config,

The game mode event graph

The map settings

The addon working in the dev kit

The addon working in game.

If anything is loaded overtop my addon though, My addon is disabled. It doesnt work anymore.

What in the hell is wrong with my work?!

I have talked to a birdy, He tells me its not my work… pant pant pant No longer feel defeated.

Only the first modified(or specifically overridden in the PGD) GameMode is loaded by the game. All others are discarded.

So, for instance as AG uses a GameMode override, anything you do - and this goes for anyone - in the GameMode for your mode, will not work as the game will never read it.


I’m pretty confident the reason the live version had a grey box is it didn’t cook/upload your texture.

Some reasons a texture image won’t cook/upload.
A texture won’t cook if it’s outside the mod folder that you are cooking.
A texture won’t cook if you don’t link it in a blueprint, or it becomes decoupled by accident.
A texture won’t cook if the editor doesn’t have a reason to cook/upload it i.e. there is nothing the ADK is told it has direct need for.

I don’t know how you’ve assigned your texture to the UI mod, but if you did it only in a graph, have a look in your mod folder for a filename.uasset that corresponds to your texture, if it’s not there then it didn’t include it in required files list. You can force it to cook and upload by assigning it to a blueprint file in some way, set an icon or texture etc, and that will force the ADK to look for it and upload it, as long as the PrimalGameData file specifically is linked to that blueprint.