At what point is best to start adding meshes to replace BSP?

Hey, I’m just starting back after a big break and finally chose a starting point. Going to try to work on a game while taking it slow and just building the first level before anything else.

What I wanted to know is how long should you hold onto BSP brushes before replacing them with meshes? I drew out a floor plan of how I wanted the first level to look, and have been designing it purely with BSP brushes (Walls/Floors). I’m still not done yet, but I just wanted some advice on when the best point to start adding meshes to the level is. After watching tutorials I saw to build the level with BSP first to get everything set up how you want, then gradually replace everything with meshes. Should I finish the basic setup completely before adding an y(such as wall/lfoor/furniture meshes.)? Should I finish the entire game map before adding any? Any advice will be appreciated.

Blocking out with BSP is not an exact science.

The short answer here is that there is no designated amount of time you should wait.

The general idea is to kit out a level with basic behaviour, then after everything is working, begin the replacement.

The truth though, is that its all personal preference.

yep, if you have any specific mechanics use bsp to ensure they work, get the right scale, level flow etc

Once you’re happy you can start replacing stuff then.

I see, well thanks. Then for now I’ll just keep on working with BSP till I’m comfortable!