At loss with animation retargeting 4.5

First of all, I have quite poor animation experience.
I’ve been doing our animations myself until the retargeting in 4.5 came along and I realized that it might be a better choice since mine had some kinks and problems but mostly because I don’t have the time, our team is too small.
Anyways I tried retargeting the animations to our skeleton which came from MakeHuman ans is similar to the UE rig.
This didn’t work, it looks “ok” but a bit wonky, some parts look really weird.
Then I tried to adjust our skeleton to the same shape as Epic’s, this looks better but still not good enough.
After this I tried auto rigging our character using the 1 free auto rig on I thought that surely this would work since Epic even demonstrated retargeting animations from epic to mixamo skeleton, but it didn’t. It looks great in the preview at, but shoulders get pulled in, in UE. All of them looks a bit strange here and there, but mostly the shoulders seems to be having trouble.

I don’t think I can do a decent job with skinning and rigging it by hand so I don’t know what to do.
I’ve been planning to buy a bunch of animations as soon as they’re released to the marketplace but I can’t even get the default ones to work on this cursed character.

The best I’ve managed looks decent except for shoulders.
Please ignore the awful placeholder shader.

What should I do? Is there anything else I can try or should I just skin and rig the whole thing from scratch using Epic’s skeleton?(or pay someone to do it)

Thanks in advance!

Bumping this

I tried retargetting in 4.4 and my results were far worse than yours. I’ll try it again when 4.5 is out of Preview, I can post my results/problems here
anyway since this is being worked on as an ‘engine feature’ and (commercial) Marketplace animations are “a thing” now, I would expect this to work without problems in a not-so-distant future