At first i liked blueprints, but now i hate them.

UNREAL TEAM SHOULD re-evaluate purpose of blueprints IF they created for artists it is not working. I think it should be more like a templates not blocks of codes witch you have to connect with programming knowledge. Artists want something ready to use -template of character punch, template of walk and jump, template of evens ( dialog or animation, action) PEOPLE HATE BLUEPRINTS!!! THEY ARE MORE DIFFICULT THAN PROGRAMMING!!!

Hi ,

I understand your frustration, as I myself am not a programmer, though I will respectfully disagree. I’ve never been able to program myself but blueprints has been a way for me to visually represent what I am trying to do. Are there specific areas you are having trouble with? Have you posted to the forums or answerhub requesting assistance? If so can you link me to the threads, I’ll be happy to take a look. Have you checked our documentation? We have a section on blueprint scripting that you may find helpful:

In addition, we have a thriving community that has put together numerous tutorials, many of which can be found on our wiki here:

If you are looking for out of the box blueprint scripts there are a number of options available on the marketplace: