At first i liked blueprints, but now i hate them.

My inner little Eric cartman took the best of me! :slight_smile:

Looks like you FB/Tweet too much :slight_smile:
Not sure if you just wanted peoples attention or you are way far from explaining (expressing your experience) why you hate BP

Personally I too felt (most of the time) BPs are too much (especially when I see tasks like incrementing number or adding conditions or have to pan the editor in all directions etc.,). I think BP is excellent tool for non-coders especially when you have no other programing language option (C++)

My entire map generator is done in blueprint, and I am not a programmer. Perhaps technically I am now, but only visually. It gets the job done.

I am fine with the knowledge that someday I will be moving most of it into C++ for performance, but blueprint is what got my feet off the ground. Hopefully moving it over will also help me learn C++. Anyway, I am confident that I could do the entire game in blueprint if I wanted to, and that is enough for me.

I’am Totally diagree BLUEPRINTS ARE for programmers only. If you don’t know programing blueprints will make you frustrated very much. Just because codes are closed into blocks doesn’t make it easier NOT AT ALL. Unreal team just created additional solution for programmers BUT IT IS NOT WORKING FOR ARTISTS MINDS AT ALL.

UNREAL TEAM SHOULD re-evaluate purpose of blueprints IF they created for artists it is not working. I think it should be more like a templates not blocks of codes witch you have to connect with programming knowledge. Artists want something ready to use -template of character punch, template of walk and jump, template of evens ( dialog or animation, action) PEOPLE HATE BLUEPRINTS!!! THEY ARE MORE DIFFICULT THAN PROGRAMMING!!!

Hi Karol Led,

I understand your frustration, as I myself am not a programmer, though I will respectfully disagree. I’ve never been able to program myself but blueprints has been a way for me to visually represent what I am trying to do. Are there specific areas you are having trouble with? Have you posted to the forums or answerhub requesting assistance? If so can you link me to the threads, I’ll be happy to take a look. Have you checked our documentation? We have a section on blueprint scripting that you may find helpful:

In addition, we have a thriving community that has put together numerous tutorials, many of which can be found on our wiki here:

If you are looking for out of the box blueprint scripts there are a number of options available on the marketplace:

I don’t understand author’s frustration, i don’t have any programmer experience besides “hello world” and i managed to create stuff which can work and even looks like a gameplay(from a distance) :smiley:

Blueprints are absolutely awesome in my opinion. As a programmer, I code most of my base classes in C++ and create blueprints derived from those. It works great. If anything needs to be improved, it would be providing more ways to organize graphs. I understand that some artists may have a couple problems jumping in right away, but most will not have a problem! Blueprints don’t need to die, but rather be improved. They are fast especially when you’re always testing new ideas out like me. :slight_smile:

I think that blueprints should be at least separated of each other. I mean if someone is trying to make platformer game there should be bunch of ready to use for this purpose and etc. To clearly explain what I mean I attached a picture. This kind of menu should appear when you starting your project.

…and I think this would make creating game a mile step easier than bag of blueprints 1200 nodes blocks without any sense of how to use.

anyway this is only Christmas wish and I have to spend another day just to set up character punch… what a pain.

What really needs documentation to make me love blueprints is explain in detail what exactly EVERY function or event you call does.
Eg: -Branch: it’s an if statement, if the condition is true you do this, if the condition is false you do that.

You can’t really use a node if the one who made it didn’t explain you how to use it… If I make a function MyHouse(), will you know what’s in it? So, how will you call it then?

Exactly this is what I am talking about…“IT IS SUPER EASY TO USE”…ya …for the one who knows this home.

Should we make a poll for this? Epic likes polls and takes them seriously in consideration!
Poll question: Do you want blueprint node documentation? (Explaining every and each one node that exists in blueprints)

Documentation sounds like - Make your game in less than just 5 years :-/. Happy about it:-) ? REGARDING ANY TUTORIALS .I was trying to follow tutorial on how to swap character from maximo to unreal and I get maddddd! because every month Unreal Team remove things and make them more difficult to find ,in result I couldn’t find any Game folder, HeroAnimation ,no retarget option…etc…This is just unbelievable how quickly they change things around. U have 4.5.8 but in 4.8.9 things are either gone or hidden somewhere else…this engine is a big big mess Not like in Autodesk Maya for 10 years editions you know where to find your options…in unreal everything is rolling like a washing machine…crazy. this tutorial I am talking about ,is already expired because you can not find things anymore.
and bellow result of this tutorial… character has twisted neck and "mystery default " was removed or moved …maybe to unity 3d???For god sake.8868cff4e3901186fc859211a5bc68a132067e5d.jpeg

(class default is not that )

Actually, Blueprints are one of the best parts of UE. It gives great options to nonprogrammers, gives them lot of power to test ideas, do things they could never do without programmer who might be too expensive at the moment for small indie teams. With BP, they can figure out lot of stuff before they hire a c++ guy, they could even make the whole game in BP, alternatively only outsource the performance critical parts to be made in c++.

I know, it’s a personal opinion, but these:


sound like you didn’t give it much thought.

As nice as blueprints are, they still require some basic knowledge of programming. Not strict C++, but just the basics. I think what the OP is attempting to express is that he has 0 knowledge of programming and isn’t sure how to design what it is that he or she wants to design. I understand the concept, at least, however, what the OP wants is a, for the lack of a better term, activity-based blueprint system (which would be nigh impossible due to the near infinite design branches that would need to be programmed).

No… I would rather blueprints be optimized. See the Nonlinear Quest Dialogue thread for an example of this (exact same functionality, in c++ vs. blueprints - blueprints shows severe spikes in cpu usage).

Hi Innos,

This is something we are already working on (keep in mind that it is a work in progress):

I have to really disagree with OP and Karol.

I had no experience of coding/programming and now I create replicated Multiplayer systems for my game and now i’ve added projectiles, damage, game play and everything just from Blueprints. I have to admit at first you think I can’t create anything straight out the box because you have no idea of what functions to call etc… But that applies to learning anything new.

From what I can tell you are saying we need templates where a lot of the starting functionality is done for you. I disagree with this, it restricts creativity and in turn will saturate those types of genres to having the same generic set up. I appreciate you want things to be as easy as possible however there is great reward in learning. I also have not found any trouble with finding tutorials and if there is something I cannot achieve in BP and I cannot get any help. I need to find another way to do this or, be the pioneer and lead by trying to create this with my limited knowledge.

Blueprints separates Unreal Engine from other engines for me and it made it a clear decision on what Engine I should use.