At first i liked blueprints, but now i hate them.

I just wanna say, that i really hate blueprints.
At beginning i thought its awesome, but now, i am totally sure, than there must be only C++, or C# wrapper for engine.

Instead of blueprints, there must be Standard scriptable components and Actors with C++ virtual functions and ability to make Properties visible in Editor. Thats all. All logic must be written using Text. C++. Or possibly C# in future.

This will drammatically simplify designers work and programmers work.

If you don’t like Blueprints you can use C++, Blueprints allow people who aren’t programmers to be able to do programming type work, and in some cases it’s a bit easier to use Blueprints than programming.

I don’t understand what you’re saying, you want to use C++ instead of Blueprints?

both options are available and while C++ is the “stronger” option if you are use to c++ cause it allows you to dig into all aspects of source, having blueprints can greatly speed up work. The whole goal of blueprints has been to allow less hard core programmers to be able to help program systems. It allows the world developer to make an elevator class so you don’t have to waste time making it. Also it can be faster to use blueprints at times versus c++. I find myself jumping between the two constantly. Also most people that dislike blueprints don’t use half the features of blueprints like functions, macros, blueprint classes, etc. With that said though there are times where it takes like 20 nodes to do what 4 lines of c++ will do lol.

  1. No, my point is, blueprints must die. (Except for material editor ;d)
  2. Also my point is, to make better high-level interfaces for C++ classes, so it should be very easy to use, easier than blueprints.
  3. Non-programmers MUST not programm in any form, also blueprint form. (there must be ready to use component blocks with properties and complete implemented logic with variaty of choises).

Blueprints are amazing and the best thing that could have happend in terms of what do use in an Engine. People can do everything they want in C++ or do it quickly in Blueprint and the ability to easy test out stuff and implement new mechanics. With Blueprints you can create feature after feature in an rapid amount of time which I have never seen before in any Engine.

Not to be rude or anything but every single one of your Threads and Posts are incredibly whiny and doesn’t make any sense if you really think about it. If you don’t like the stuff that UE4 offers, why don’t you create your own engine or switch to Unity or something. Personaly I find than UE4 is by far the best Engine out there with the best Release Cycle of Updates, a incredibly nice community and devs, easy to use Blueprint System which I love to death and the ability to use full source code.

May I ask why you think blueprints are horrible and must die?
Personally I like them an awful lot and could not see any reason behind your request.

They simplify so many parts of the development even if you don’t use the scripting part at all (because of the way you can edit all components and just about everything really easily). But even more it allows you to rapid prototype really quickly some idea. Sure it could work fairly quickly with code as well but there will always be a barrier and especially for artists I can not see how a pure code environment would make anything easier.

Hey Newbprofi,

Just to jump in here with my own personal opinion, I really disagree with this. Why should non-programmers or even blueprint programming be used? I don’t understand why everyone should be limited to to these chunks of code that have a limited number of properties and cannot work outside of those bounds like they can now.

From my own experience, I can say that having very minimal coding experience that I absolutely love Blueprints. I’m not super fantastic with them, but I can at least say that I can get gameplay features working in UE4 that I was not able to do in UE3/UDK due to not knowing Unreal Script.

I can also understand your frustrations, but why should everyone else be limited in their designs because you do not like Blueprints? I must say I’m a little confused by that. :confused:


Which is exactly what blueprints are.

I read rest of your posts and I find it hard to treat you seriously…

Isn’t he the same guy that left us for Unity?Then why is he still posting here? :slight_smile:
In all seriousness now if you are not working for an undercover organization that its sole purpose is to bring down Epic (Dr Evil from Austin Powers maybe?) then there must be something wrong with you.Maybe you get pleasure by trolling… who knows?

Blueprints are the best thing since the invention of the wheel! PERIOD. <3

Well Beer was quite nice as well and don’t forget the internet!

But yes. I don’t really see why exactly blueprints are the devils work either.

blueprints are amazing.

i begin in UE4 thinking in play a bit with blueprint for learning UE4 a bit and the logic of programming games with a engine and then make the jump to C++.

9 months later, i still using blueprints, i can do ATM all what i want fast, perhaps i change in the future but if i change i sure i still going to use BP for check/proto lots of things fast and have clear what i want and how, then if its necessary traslate to C++.

Your comment has no useful logic, seems a hate for hate.

I have to disagree with you. Blueprints are amazing!

If you don’t want to use them than that’s your decision. Personally I like them better than coding because code seems to have more issues during migration from one version of the engine to another than do blueprints.

As for inventions, I’ll add the Printing Press, Computer, Phone, Camera, Lightbulbs and Electricity to the list. The “Hammer” was pretty good too.

As a native c-speaker, right before German and definitely way before English, I have to say that I actually love Blueprints!

After more then 30 years of programming they finally brought all the joy back in my work-life.

Sorry, I can’t get this rant.

Because i am in festive mood i just cannot resist the temptation, but i will, so i will not say the things i wanted to say like:


Sorry Chance i know i am naughty but couldn’t help it.Delete it if you want. :slight_smile:

Hey Roccinio,

I went a head and removed those comments. Let’s keep this on topic rather than fanning a flame with derogatory comments that can potentially offend.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry you hate blueprints? It sounds like you’re just having a bad experience with them. You do know that you don’t have to use blueprints, right? You can make your whole game in C++ if you wish. I have a strong background in C/C++/C# and prefer code to blueprints, but blueprints are really quite amazing. I treat them as the middle scripting layer for game play functionality. As a programmer, it takes a bit of a mental paradigm shift to really wrap your head around it, but once you get going, it can be fast and powerful. Blueprints are also really good for the less code-centric people, like designers, which allows them to directly add in game play functionality. This lets the programmer spend more time making and exposing the game play infrastructure which the blueprints will make use of. A hybrid between C++ and blueprints seems the ideal situation.

Anyways, just because you don’t like or can’t use blueprints doesn’t mean that they aren’t good, valuable or useful to other people. By no means should they be nixed, and it’s even laughable to entertain that silly idea.

If you know we’re going to delete something, why post it? :slight_smile:

Guys no offence, its just my little personal feedback/opinion ;d, which will be never accepted, i understand that.

Perhaps, i dont like blueprints, because they dont have enaugh consistancy, like programming language. And also dont have good enaugh intellisense and edit tools and formatting tools, yet.

I like blueprints in some areas, for example Material Editor and special visual effects. Maybe someday i will like them in game logic area, when they become more solid and easy to use, who knows. As for now, blueprints for me are very messy, code much easier to understand, view, edit, maintain. Not UE4 code though ;d, nothing personal, i like UE4 code-style, its 10x times better than all existing code on market now (and 100x times better than C++ boost/STL code style), but not even close to normal.

Blueprints are great to prototype small insane ideas, things that you do not know if they will work or not. and they are great to tune some values like: 200 or 250 addimpulse to ricochet bullet, you just cannot know those values beforehand, and blueprints are best to tweak this.

Make small and tiny tasks with blueprints, doing big graphs gets very messy very fast. Esp. when sometimes execution order its not so clear in blueprints.