At begin play test multicast event execute normally on client, but NOT when executed later (after 56s) in a event tick event

It works at begin play here

But it doesn’t work when called here after 55s and following an event tick exec. It execute the print string only on the server, but not on server and client like at begin play.

Can anybody enlighten me ?

Event tick and delay are not something good. If you need to start something after some time, use “Set timer by event”
As you can see you can set the initial start delay

Hey thanks for the help !

That’s good to know but I don’t think it’ll help me, because I need that to fire from that event tick as it’s a loading process and doesn’t always take the same amount of time.

For such purpose, you can use gate, event tick should go to “enter”
“open/close” can start and close this gate with logic that you need, it will work each frame

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