Asyncronous Gameplay - Audio Issues.

Is there a way to fetch and or dump the entire Audio output stream (buffer) or change the main audio output device application specifically using the gengine -> GetAudioDevices / GetMainAudioDevice. This is crucial to the application I’ve been trying to construct, since the issue is that I’m running 2 or 3 game instances on 1 machine. 1 instance is always on a VR-HMD device the other 2 are on a separate display using controllers.

Currently all audio will always be send to the default audio device selected on Windows. But changing this is not helpful for this situation.

Methods I’ve been trying to research:

  • Change audio device in application (from within UE4 and or using separate products like virtual audio cable)
  • Change audio device using FMOD classes
  • Get audio buffer to save and re-stream to a audio device
  • Get audio stream from application in a separate application (level of access is behind a windows api layer which is not reachable without a DLL-hook and some poorly/undocumented documentation about how this should be approached.)