Asynchronous Image Loading from Disk for Texture2D

I am developing an application where it is necessary for a user to select a local file from their computer to import at run-time an image to use as a texture2d. I have Rama’s solution, however when I tried to use his plugin, it would not load or recompile the plugin, and I have found this ( as well, but requires compiling an a C++ project where I am using a Blueprint only project, I do not want to mess with C++ at this time and I am looking for a plug-in or blueprint only solution. I have found many other user’s looking for this capability, and it would seem to me to be a powerful capability to have for UE4 developers. If a useful plug-in does not exist, could someone tell me how feature requests are made, as I would really like (desperately need more like) to have this capability native to blueprint. And as I have found some 3rd party resources (which don’t work for me) it seems this should be a relatively easy thing to implement fo the UE4 Dev Team yes/no? EPIC - I am on my knees beggng and pleading you to implement this to native engine BP! :wink: Even if user could not have a file dialog box, but place all images in a packaged game folder that I could read from at run-time to load the images for them to then in game choose which image to use for their avatar. This does not make sense to me, as there i a URL blueprint feature for downloading but accessing a local file? If this will never be an added feature could a staff member please let know?

File I/O will not be added to vanilla blueprints anytime soon because of issues with developers who don’t know what they’re doing messing with users’ file systems. C++ is the only way to do this outside of a plugin solution. I’m sure there are marketplace solutions available for this but Rama’s plugin IS free and he’s responsive to questions if you’re having trouble compiling. I use Rama’s plugin every day with no issues - just make sure your engine version and his plugin version are the same.

For the record, Feature Requests can be made on Answerhub Posting a question with the Feature Requests tag.

[USER=“13335”]Jared Therriault[/USER] Hey man, thanks so much for the info! This is nice to understand. And I recently discovered a 4.22 and 4.23 compatible version of the great Rama’s plugin which I was unable to find before!

Oh that’s awesome to hear! Best of luck of your project!